Mobile websites (custom view for mobile devices)

Why mobile sites ?

  • Mobile websites are quicker to load and simpler to use from all mobile platfroms.
  • Currently there are 3 times more mobile phones and devices than there are computers in the world.
  • You should be able to control how your brand appears on all of those mobile devices.
  • The most important aspect however is the content and how it is presented on a mobile platorm.

Mobile websites are the global medium


An important thing is to know regarding mobile content is what you are actually saying no to. If your customer opens your web site in a mobile browser he gets the wrong content, presented in the wrong order, with a slow and costly download, and with an unadapted layout. In a world where most everyone owns a mobile device this could cause a problem for your business.

How it works


The process is very simple, we take your existing website and optimise the text and images for mobile devices. We then create a sub domain for the mobile website and add a script that redirects all mobile traffic to the mobi version of your site.

1-8 Page Mobile CMS package includes:

  • Setup of subdomain (
  • Secure local hosting
  • SSL certification (for online purchasing & facebook apps)
  • Design and Development
  • Social media integration
  • SEO level one completed (submission to search engines, setup of keywords)
  • Frontpage Slider
  • Unlimited galleries
  • Fully wigetised
  • Latest funky new plugins to make your site look amazing

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