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Monkybomb Studios builds custom Facebook Applications using Facebook Platform. Facebook Platform is a content management system that allows end users to develop custom Facebook Applications. Platform is an easy-to-use tool that gives you the ability to create and edit Facebook tabs and application pages. Tabs and application pages can be edited using a content editor which includes text, video and images.

This integration feature allows the tabs to have pre-like functions where users have to like the page in order to access it. Applications that have been built using Platform range from competitions where fans have to submit stories, vote on stories or filling out forms. These applications can redirect fans to more Facebook tabs as well as redirect fans to your website. Fans can also subscribe to your e-newsletter from your Facebook page. All fan information can be exported into a .CSV file using the Platform module.

Setup Of Basic Facebook Application

Connection to almost any 3rd party application
Customised Facebook Business page
Ability to run custom competitions
7 Day Timeline

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